Are you a self-driven Performance Marketer with an analytical mindset for user acquisition?

Do you master advertising channels like Facebook, Google UAC, Unity Ads, Vungle, and programmatic buying?

If yes, you could be our Performance Marketing Manager

As a Performance Marketing Manager at Metacore, you and your team can freely define the best way for acquiring players for our games. That calls for a highly proactive approach to handle tasks from designing and managing UA campaigns to analyzing their results and drawing actionable insights based on them.

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  • You’ll design campaigns for acquisition, engagement, and awareness – knowing that media channels, game lifecycles, seasonalities, costs, competition, ROI, etc. matter a great deal

  • You’ll manage UA campaigns and budgets across our game portfolio and report the analyzed findings to various stakeholders

  • You’ll analyze and determine key insights from key business drivers, competitive environment, trends, and operating metrics

  • You’ll work with designers, programmers, and marketers in creating world-class creatives. Perfectly optimized, of course

  • You’re an effective coordinator of our UA partners, helping to build, maintain and develop our relations with them

  • You follow what's happening in the digital media industry and experiment with what's hot at the moment. You evaluate mobile games and current UA trends and use your voice in our creative and product direction


  • Your analytical skills are unmatched only by your creative insights and understanding of performance marketing. You utilize this expertise across our digital channels

  • You’re able to derive actionable insights from varying sets of data and have examples to back it up

  • Growth mindset: never satisfied with status-quo, always strive to improve and learn, and encourage colleagues to do the same

  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage and optimize multi-million dollar acquisition budgets

  • You talk ROI, IPM, LTV, CPI, CPM, and Retention as a first language

  • You’ve used various marketing channels before (such as Facebook, Google UAC, Unity Ads, Vungle, Programmatic buying, etc.), and grasp quickly the ones you have not

  • You’ve got a great understanding of marketing analytics and ad tech tools

  • Experience with UA creative process

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Our journey has just begun, so you will have a great opportunity – and a great responsibility – in shaping how we go about acquiring players for our games. We’re in this for the long haul, and if you’re ready to play a major role, we hope you join us early on.

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Metacore office is located in Helsinki, Finland – one of the world’s most vivid game hubs, inhabited by the world’s happiest people. We welcome game industry talents from all walks of life, around the world, and do our best to help them settle here.

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Everyone in our team approaches mobile games with pure excitement. We play them and talk about them, but because that’s not enough, we also develop them. Read more about whom we hire and what our recruiting process is like.

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