The game company where
players are the closest
thing to a boss.

The game company where
players are the closest
thing to a boss.

Games to be played by millions. For decades

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Jan 27, 2023

Acquiring Supercell's Everdale – a new challenge for Metacore's game development process Press release

Jan 5, 2023

Finding your start in the mobile game industry Read more

Dec 14, 2022

More entry-level positions to the gaming industry – Metacore’s first trainees have joined the team Read more

Jun 13, 2022

From a small game studio to a Future Workplaces certificated company Read more

Merge Mansion is a discovery puzzle that keeps surprising players merge after merge, month after month.

Merge Mansion

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Everyone in our team approaches mobile games with pure excitement. We play them and talk about them, but because that’s not enough, we also develop them.


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Now hiring: Game Artists & Programmers

We are currently hiring new team members to several positions. These ones we’re looking to fill as soon as possible.

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