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Culture at Metacore

Culture is our everyday actions, the work we do and the decisions we make. To guide it, we have written down a few principles we believe in.

These six aspirational principles describe how we work as Metacore:

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1. Players are the closest thing to a boss at Metacore

Our game teams can follow their passion freely as long as it respects company culture and finds a market fit. The "how" is trusted for each game team to decide – simply because they know best what our players desire.

2. Our best practices are 100% team-specific

Our game teams learn a lot from each other but copy-pasting processes is rarely optimal. The same goes for making any decisions: you’re encouraged to seek feedback but no one is going to call the shots for you. Independence is challenging but rewarding!

3. With independence comes responsibility

Each game team accounts for their results in front of the whole company – and the whole company stands behind each team, no matter what. This level of autonomy requires uncompromised trust within and between our teams.

4. We trust each other in the ups and downs

When everyone has the intent of doing the best thing for Metacore, we can trust each other 100%. Trust may come easy when life’s a bed of roses, but becomes much harder when it gives lemons. When we triumph, it’s important to thank the hardest days for merging us closer together.

5. We aim for world-class as Metacore

Our company welcomes talents from all walks of life. The more we differ in our skills, passions and backgrounds, the better our work environment enables success. To agree on what success looks like to us, we put Metacore first and share the ambition of creating world-class mobile games for our players.

6. Putting Metacore first means putting people first

Our company is formed by great teams and individuals, working rather as Metacore than for Metacore. That’s why putting Metacore first is a synonym for putting our people first. We take care of ourselves and each other to keep the spirits high while working on this craft we really like.

In practice it looks like this:

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If this resonates with you, we hope you join us!

The principles above are aspirational, describing the company we thrive to be. For the most part, we can be proud of living up to them.

If you too could see yourself signing off on these principles, join us on our journey!

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