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Culture at Metacore

Culture is our everyday actions, the work we do and the decisions we make. It’s based on uncompromised trust and guided by our whole team’s mutual agreement on how we want to work together.

These five cultural norms describe how we build trust and work as Metacore:

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1. We always put Metacore first

Putting Metacore first means putting our people first. We make decisions that are best for our whole team in the long run. Our success is ultimately up to our team’s well-being and performance. After all, and regardless of how popular our games or solid our business KPIs are, Metacore is just a passionate team of ambitious professionals who enjoy working together.

2. We have a high ambition level & passion for our roles

We set our bar so high, that by the time we’re happy with our own work, we know it’s world-class. That goes for all roles and responsibilities: although we’re passionate about different things and work in different roles, we share the same, extremely high ambition level.

3. We show ownership and carry our responsibility

We all have ownership of Metacore and proactively work for the common good of our whole team. We are highly committed professionals who take initiative and show ownership – even beyond our primary responsibilities, if that’s for the best. We’re all in this together, and we let it show.

4. We focus on what matters most

We always consider all viable options and ideas, and then go all-in and stick with the best one. This means saying no to all other options – at least for the moment. Because only by radically prioritising our work can we pursue the most impactful actions.

5. We make informed decisions with freedom and responsibility

We work autonomously at Metacore, which means that our teams and individuals have the freedom to make decisions over the things they’re responsible for. We ask and give feedback proactively to inform our decisions – not least because that builds trust and helps us respect each other’s autonomy and decision-making power.

In practice it looks like this:

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If this resonates with you, we hope you join us!

The norms above are aspirational, describing the company we thrive to be. For the most part, we can be proud of living up to them.

If you too could see yourself signing off on these norms, join us on our journey!

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