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Jan 24 Game design

Metacore’s game designers are creating the best entertainment for the players Read more

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Jan 24 Game design

Metacore’s game designers are creating the best…

How can we add the most value for the players? This is the number one question driving Game Designers Tiago Rocha and Ari Kuokka to produce their best work at Metacore, everyday. So we asked them to tell us more about what that looks like in practice.

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Nov 19 User acquisition

Tracking marketing performance better and faster…

As a marketer at Metacore you get to figure out how to use one of the biggest advertising budgets in Europe and some of the best tools and resources unique to mobile gaming, shares Tapio Tuomola, the VP Performance Marketing at Metacore. Here’s Tapio’s breakdown of a never-average day at work.

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Sep 28 Game design

Finding the right game music and executing…

Being a game programmer at Metacore means working in an experienced team where you can focus on your tasks and trust that everyone else is doing theirs, says Juho Lyytikäinen, one of Metacore’s game programmers. We asked Juho to share a closer look of his day-to-day work.

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Sep 15 Culture

We’re Hiring a Wellbeing and Performance Lead to…

We're hiring a wellbeing and performance lead at Metacore.

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Jun 3 Game design

In a nutshell: How Merge Mansion’s game art…

Creating first game art drafts is the moment when an idea of a mobile game starts to come alive.

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May 5 Announcements

We raised a €150M credit line from Supercell –…

It’s been an intensively iterative ride since the first players tried an anonymous game about renovating a grandma’s mansion in 2019.

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Sep 14 Announcements

Metacore raises 25M€ from Supercell to launch…

Merge Mansion is the first game released under Metacore’s new name and brand. Very impressive early metrics are a sign that the “metagame first” approach to development is a success.

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