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Feb 16 User acquisition

Five Ways Data Can Support Your Game’s Growth Read more

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Feb 16 User Acquisition

Five Ways Data Can Support Your Game’s Growth

In mobile games, data isn’t only there to track the success of your games. When utilized correctly, data is the ultimate MVP when it comes to the growth of your game.

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Jan 19 User Acquisition

Utilizing Data in User Acquisition

Everyone who works with mobile games knows how much data there is to be leveraged – from players to marketing to competitors. But how to utilize it most effectively in user acquisition (UA)?

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Dec 19 Announcements

Meet our new CTO

We are excited to announce Metacore’s new CTO Sérgio Laranjeira, starting January 2, 2024. Working from Berlin, Sérgio brings with him a vast amount of knowledge and experience from developing the technologies behind some of the world’s leading consumer brands,…

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Oct 16 Announcements

Creating a better future of mobile game storytelling

We are teaming up with animation studio Piñata, who has worked as our creative animation partner since Merge Mansion’s launch. Joining the two companies feels like a natural next step – and, above all, a chance to strengthen our collective creative storytelling.

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Oct 10 Announcements

Berlin – A New Chapter in Metacore's Growth

Hallo, world – and especially friends old and new in Germany! We are excited to finally share that Metacore is moving to the next phase in our growth, and expanding to Berlin, our first location beyond our Helsinki HQ.

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Sep 5 Culture

A workplace where you can be yourself – how Metacore builds excellent employee experience

How to build a world-class employee experience during a stage of high growth? We have scaled our team from 40 to 160+ Metacoreans in the past 1.5 years. This kind of fast scaling could potentially challenge the culture and the excellent employee experience we want to…

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Aug 21 Culture

Press Play brings mutual learning opportunities – Mentors' perspective

With Metacore’s next batch of Press Play trainees starting their journeys in the gaming industry soon, we caught up with the program’s previous mentors Jarno Tiainen, Tommi Virolainen and Johanna Jouppila to see what future trainees can expect from the next few months.…

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May 3 Culture

Better Games Together: One Year On And Going Strong

Better Games Together continues to strive for meaningful action to support the LGBTQIA+ community and move towards a more diverse and inclusive game industry.

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Apr 11 Culture

Pressing Play – looking back at Metacore’s first trainee program

Metacore’s first trainee program, Press Play, began in September 2022 with six up-and-coming gaming professionals joining the vibrant game studio. Now, at the end of the program, we caught up with Game Artist Hy Bui, and Game Programmer Aleksi Laine to talk about what…

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Mar 8 Culture

A Career in Games – The many paths to the industry

On a chilly November morning upwards of 50 amazing tech talents assembled at our office for a hearty breakfast and career stories from three games industry professionals.

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Feb 13 Culture

Working on a global, live game for the first time – what to expect?

Being a part of a game team with over 60 people might feel daunting when you’re at the beginning of your gaming career. But it’s actually a learning experience like no other according to Game Programmers Mikael Karlbom and Graeme Barclay, and Game Artist Eman Salah.…

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Jan 27 Announcements

Acquiring Supercell's Everdale – a new challenge for Metacore's game development process

By now, the cat’s out of the bag – we’ve acquired Everdale and begun working on the next iteration of Supercell’s cherished IP. While expanding through acquisitions hasn’t been a part of Metacore’s growth strategy, here’s why working on a game like Everdale is an…

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Jan 5 Culture

Finding your start in the mobile game industry

How does the new industry talent pave their way in the mobile game scene? We sat down with two participants of Metacore’s Press Play trainee program – Hy Bui and Aleksi Laine to find out.

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Dec 14 Culture

More entry-level positions to the gaming industry – Metacore’s first trainees have joined the team

This Autumn, Metacore launched its trainee program called Press Play. We caught up with Metacore’s Chief Operating Officer Anna Kaskeala-Moore to find out more.

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Jun 13 Culture

From a small game studio to a Future Workplaces certificated company

We have put great effort in creating a company culture that fosters creativity, trust and longevity, and it feels wonderful to have that work recognized – especially with the newly granted Future Workplaces certificate.

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Jun 10 Announcements

Supercell, Metacore, Next Games, We in Games and Helsinki Pride 2022 come together to create 'Better Games Together'

Together with Supercell, Metacore, Next Games, We in Games, and hopefully many more games organizations in the years to come, we commit to better support diversity, equality, and inclusion within the games industry to make #BetterGamesTogether.

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Apr 22 Relocation

For games industry talents looking to relocate to Finland

Thinking of moving to Finland? Here’s a quick snapshot of what Finland has to offer and how Metacore can help you to make the leap.

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Apr 21 Relocation

From Munich to Helsinki - relocating to one of the world’s leading gaming hubs

What makes a games industry professional swap a budding career in Munich for a new start in Helsinki? Not long ago Jon Jelinski – Backend Programmer at Metacore, made this very journey. So we caught up with him to find more about why he made the leap.

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Jan 24 Game Design

Metacore’s game designers are creating the best entertainment for the players

How can we add the most value for the players? This is the number one question driving Game Designers Tiago Rocha and Ari Kuokka to produce their best work at Metacore, everyday. So we asked them to tell us more about what that looks like in practice.

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Nov 19 User Acquisition

Tracking marketing performance better and faster than any other industry

As a marketer at Metacore you get to figure out how to use one of the biggest advertising budgets in Europe and some of the best tools and resources unique to mobile gaming, shares Tapio Tuomola, the VP Performance Marketing at Metacore. Here’s Tapio’s breakdown of a…

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Sep 28 Game Development

Finding the right game music and executing designers’ vision – all in the day of a game programmer

Being a game programmer at Metacore means working in an experienced team where you can focus on your tasks and trust that everyone else is doing theirs, says Juho Lyytikäinen, one of Metacore’s game programmers. We asked Juho to share a closer look of his day-to-day…

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Sep 15 Culture

We’re Hiring a Wellbeing and Performance Lead to Take Metacore’s Work Environment to the Next Level

We're hiring a wellbeing and performance lead at Metacore.

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Jun 3 Game Design

In a nutshell: How Merge Mansion’s game art evolves from first sketches to final assets

Creating first game art drafts is the moment when an idea of a mobile game starts to come alive.

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May 5 Announcements

We raised a €150M credit line from Supercell – this is what it means for us.

It’s been an intensively iterative ride since the first players tried an anonymous game about renovating a grandma’s mansion in 2019.

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Sep 14 Announcements

Metacore raises 25M€ from Supercell to launch Merge Mansion and hire top talent.

Merge Mansion is the first game released under Metacore’s new name and brand. Very impressive early metrics are a sign that the “metagame first” approach to development is a success.

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