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Games entertaining hundreds of millions

We’re fixated on cracking the question: “What would entertain our players next?” By answering this (over and over again), we create chart-topping games.

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Merge Mansion is our first hit game enjoyed by 50M+ players and counting

Merge Mansion is a mystery puzzle game where you match and merge items to renovate a neglected family estate – and if you have a keen eye, uncover the deep secrets it holds within.

Starring Maddie and her puzzling Grandma Ursula, the story engages players with wicked twists and shady turns. Love, heritage, and betrayal are all but a part of what Grandma’s secret is all about.

What’s Grandma hiding?
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Grandma from Merge Mansion dangling a key

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American Horror Story's Kathy Bates Cast For Mystery Game Merge Mansion

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Hollywood Minute: Pedro Pascal looks for clues at 'Merge Mansion'

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WTF is going on with the Merge Mansion ads with Kathy Bates

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Your keys to the mansion?

Behind the Mansion doors, creating engaging lore, compelling characters and smooth-as-butter game play, resides a team of ambitious developers, artists, designers, storytellers and more.

We are united by a mission to create world-class entertainment for millions – in and beyond the game. Collaborating across Metacore’s crafts, we’ve created a game with twists and turns that sweep players off their feet on a daily basis. Fans continue reveling in the never-ending drama of both the game and its ads in Merge Mansion’s online communities.

Want to experience the Mansion from inside?

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Grandma from Merge Mansion dangling a key
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We’re currently putting all of the lessons learned and know-how gained through building Merge Mansion to great use by building a pipeline of new games.

Our ambition goes far beyond a single mechanic: our goal is to create a diverse portfolio of games with mass-market appeal. Regardless of the game, our ethos remains the same – we create games for our players, not for ourselves. Understanding what our audience wants and is entertained by is our top benchmark.

Besides the audience-first approach, our game development process is committed to early player testing, objective hypothesis validation, and careful iteration to find market fit. Whatever we create, we know that it’ll entertain and engage our players, there’s a demand for it, and it has a possibility to scale.

Is creating games from scratch to scale your jam?

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Two people collaborating in front of a whiteboard