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When we harness our passion to serve the desires of players, chart-topping games will come out. Note the plural: we are not settling for a one-hit wonder.

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Live game:
Merge Mansion

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Merge Mansion is a discovery puzzle that keeps surprising players merge after merge, month after month.

Starring Maddie and Grandma, the story engages players with wicked twists and gossipy turns. Love, heritage, and betrayal are put together in one messy puzzle, and shh... Grandma has a secret to tell!

While the story unfolds little by little, the gameplay rewards players with continuous relaxation and gratification. The surprisingly satisfying merge mechanic is a combination of cleaning up the grid, steady earning of resources and getting hooked by progressing towards the next level up. Time to merge, merge, merge!

It’s time to tell you family secrets – take this key and open the garden gate!”

– Grandma Ursula

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New games under construction

In addition to Merge Mansion, we are currently developing several new games. Some on the drawing board, some closer to their release, each developed by a small game team and to be validated for market-fit.

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We develop games for our players, not for ourselves

Best player experiences are combinations of intuitive gameplay and engaging progression loops. We believe that nailing both meta and core is what makes games scalable and long-lasting. That’s our way, at least until we find a better one.

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