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Press Play by Metacore

Press Play is our trainee program for emerging talent who are eager to enter the game industry.

Press play attendees

Trainee program for aspiring hit game makers

During this 6-month trainee program, full-time and paid, the selected batch of trainees will gain valuable work experience in our game teams. Working alongside our brilliant and experienced colleagues will give you a front-row seat into the game industry, develop your skills and also allow you to compliment the team with your skillset.

Currently, we run Press Play once a year. For 2024 the trainees have been selected. Stay tuned for Press Play 2025 and the application period!

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Press Play in a nutshell

  • Full-time, 6 months of hands-on experience in your domain and an all round intro to the mobile game industry
  • Monthly salary and benefits such as lunch, commute, sports, wellbeing and culture perks on top
  • Onsite at Metacore’s Helsinki office
  • Guidance from your mentor and support from your team throughout the training period
Frequently Asked Question Press Play Blog Series
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The goal here is to encourage trainees to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and creative decisions on a low threshold — to add to Metacore’s culture that values autonomy and low hierarchy.

Anna Kaskeala-Moore
Chief Operating Officer at Metacore
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Hear it from the previous participants

It really feels like the whole company is thinking about wellbeing first, which is great to see. The entire Press Play experience has left me with so much personal growth and knowledge that I know I can use in the future.

“I’ve gained a lot of new personal development skills throughout the Press Play program. Especially my professional confidence has gotten a boost because I now know that I have the necessary skills for this job and that I can do it well.”

“Press Play helped with my confidence a lot. At the start, I had a lot of self-doubt because I'd been rejected many times during my job search in the games industry. Now I feel like I know what I’m doing, my ideas are heard and my skills are recognized.”

“Everyone in our trainee group was responsible and open to receiving and giving feedback – just like everyone at Metacore. We were also encouraged to always ask questions and there was no shortage of guidance available if you needed it.”

“Metacore is doing important work to support people early in their game industry career. It’s so cool that you are one of the first game companies to offer an official trainee program. All the learnings have helped me to land on my next gig!”

Frequently asked questions