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Metacore as a company

We are the game company where players are the closest thing to a boss. That means our dream is to make our players’ dreams come true.

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We believe small teams can build major games

Metacore is formed by small game teams, each deciding which games to build, when to ship them, and when to pivot or kill them. As a company, we’re relatively small too. We’re going at 100+ employees but growing fast.

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We are only getting started – and the start has been promising

Metacore was officially launched in August 2020, alongside our first hit game Merge Mansion and €25M in funding from Supercell. In April 2021, we announced our first results and a €150M credit line to further accelerate our growth.

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There was a time when we weren’t called Metacore

Our journey started already in 2015 under the name Everywear Games. Smartwatch games weren’t scalable enough, and we switched our focus to mobile. We might have cleaned our slate, including our name, but never erased the valuable learnings.

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Our office

Porkkalankatu 24
00180 Helsinki