Our small teams are given the autonomy to create whatever they feel passionately about.

Game Programmer

A self-driven programmer with a wide range of experience in game development? Equipped with some serious skills in #C and Unity?

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Senior Game Artist

An experienced Game Artist with a sweet spot on mobile games? Mad skills with 3D software like Blender, Maya or 3DS Max?

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Marketing Artist

A creative Marketing Artist who turns heads with phenomenal content? Magic touch with Adobe Aſter Effects, Premier Pro, and Photoshop?

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Game Designer

An experienced Game Designer with clear visions and actionable roadmaps to get there? CV includes balancing game economies and shipping successful products?

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Head of Infrastructure

An experienced Infrastructure Specialist who knows the game backends from stem to stern? Competent toolbox to scale high-volume games on AWS?

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Backend Programmer

A self-driven Backend Programmer who prefers game backends efficient, secure and scalable? Familiar with C# and .Net Core and MySQL RDS databases?

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Live Producer

An experienced Live Producer with inborn coordination skills? Background in games, eager to oversee their development?

That's me
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We are a passion-first game company where...

1 – Independency and responsibility go hand in hand

We trust our small, autonomous game teams with full decision-making power over their work. With a freedom to create whatever however, comes a responsibility to stand for the results in front of the whole company.

2 – The humble learn from every stumble

We trust each other being honest and having good intentions – staying humble in the ups, and constructive in the downs. Because to build a hit, we need to take one from time to time. We just don’t let it push us backwards but turn every failure into a step closer to success.

3 – Players show us what works in practice

We trust our players with validating our hypotheses. Falling in love with our own ideas is fine as long as players love them too. Phenomenality requires practicality: building an outlier doesn’t mean putting a square peg (game) into a round hole (market).

When we harness our passion to serve the desires of players, chart-topping games will come out. Note the plural: there’s no settling for a one-hit wonder – we’re in this for the long haul. If you share our passion and our ways above spark meaning, bring in your talent and join the team.

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