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Careers at Metacore

At Metacore, you get to grow professionally at a rapid pace while enjoying high autonomy and accountability.

We are a mobile game scaleup with an already-solid foothold in the industry. We offer boundless opportunities for all kinds of talent interested in working on both live games and new games development, as well as roles for other creative professionals and within the company operations.

We also expand the game industry talent pool with our trainee program, Press Play, to ensure that people with diverse backgrounds find their footing in the industry.

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Metacore employees discussing their careers in an open and relaxed office space

Crafts at Metacore

Metacore consists of ordinary people passionate about their roles and crafts.

Whether you are a seasoned game industry talent or an aspiring professional, we have a variety of crafts, in game design, game art, game programming, product, data and production, together with technology and marketing. With us, you’ll have an opportunity to work on either our live game, Merge Mansion, or on new games.

Besides game development, we offer a diverse range of opportunities for all kinds of talent. We’ve got positions for growth-minded professionals interested in scaling a fast-growing company as a whole – each craft at Metacore has a valuable role in contributing to just that.

Sneak a peek behind the crafts mastered at Metacore.

Two Metacoreans walking towards the office entrance

Benefits we provide Metacoreans

At Metacore, we know wellbeing and performance go hand in hand. Our benefits are designed to support your everyday life and promote a healthy work-life balance.

Hobbies, events and activities

We strongly encourage all Metacoreans to form sports clubs and hobby groups, as well as participate in one-time events and activities together! We already have e.g. book club, ice swimming club, and writing club, but you are free to gather fellow Metacoreans together for any activity you wish. Additionally, we provide several individual benefits, such as sports and culture benefits – and massage vouchers that might come in handy after all of the above!

All is well when you’re well

Our occupational healthcare package is extensive and covers both physical and mental health support services. We also have our in-house Wellbeing & Performance Lead available for psychological support and coaching on topics such as team functioning, personal development at work and your overall wellbeing at Metacore. We also offer coaching services through our external partners.

Making the everyday work for you

A great day at work begins from a smooth commute. To make that happen, we are offering both bike benefits and covering your public transport fees. All the devices you need for your work are naturally on us, as is your phone plan. Besides office snacks and occasional breakfasts, we offer you lunch vouchers.

Your growth at Metacore

We value each employee's professional growth and offer everyone the possibility to develop their competence through various in-house trainings and by attending external trainings and conferences. What do you want to learn next?

A person in a Metacore meeting booth with a cup of coffee

Hiring process

We all want to master our own craft while creating extraordinary entertainment together. All Metacoreans want to do great in our work, crafting together extraordinary entertainment.

We begin to build trust already during recruitment, establishing the two-way street of trust in Metacore, too. Recruitment processes are tailored for each specific roles separately, but you can expect something like this.

Person at Metacore walking down the stairs

Getting to Know Us

The first interview will always be with our recruitment team. We'll address all of your initial questions about Metacore, the team and the role. We’ll discuss your experience and motivation for both the role in question and Metacore as a company.

Three people with two laptops in a meeting room at Metacore

Meet the Team

After that, you will meet your future team lead and colleagues! You'll also learn more about Metacore as a workplace, our company culture and the kind of environment we strive to create for our employees.

Metacoreans discussing culture

Showcase Your Skills

At this stage, you'll typically engage in a hands-on assignment to give you a better understanding of some parts of your possible future role. This stage also serves as an opportunity to showcase your skills for the position. Depending on the role, this can be a home assignment, scenario or case interview or a technical interview.

Metacore's CEO sitting down

Chat with CEO

At the final stages of your recruitment process, you’ll often sit down with Mika, our CEO. Whether you have questions about our culture, company vision or even game design, he’ll do his best to give you insightful answers!

A view of Metacore's main city, Helsinki

Relocation Guide

We ensure that not many things in the world are as smooth as our relocation process to Finland. Wherever you're coming from, whether you're joining us on your own or with your family, we're here to guide you from start to fin(n)ish.

Joining us in Berlin? Don't worry, we've got you, too! You'll get all the info you need during your relocation process.

Relocation guide to Finland

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