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Game designers

Technology teams at Metacore are responsible for building a scalable tech platform for our game portfolio and ensuring our tech strategy supports games in their different development phases, be it a massive live game or soft launched new game. In addition, we aim to build a world-class player experience with technology and quality assurance.

When working with technology at Metacore, you would be dealing with for example quality assurance of our games, tech services behind the games, infrastructure that holds the fort, or ensuring our information is secure both in the games and at Metacore.

We have technology roles both centralized, as well as within the game teams. Within the game team, tech focuses on backend and infra to support player experience, running and developing architecture and tools, supporting release operations – and of course ensuring the game runs without bugs with topnotch quality assurance. In addition, we have tech roles in our game teams focusing on game programming, bringing game features to life.

Our technical roles help to discover how we can systematically launch new games, enable game teams to focus on core gameplay with tech platforms, and to reduce implementation time of features from months to minutes.

Typical roles in Technology are Backend Programmer, QA Specialist, Test Automation Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Tech Programmer, and Game Programmer.

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