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Product, Data & Production

Game designers

At Metacore, Product, Data and Production work in close collaboration.

Product craft is pivotal in our game development, live ops and monetization, from strategic planning to managing daily operations. Our Product Managers are the connector between game development, design, data and economy within a game team – they ensure developed features meet our objectives and perform effectively. In short, the focus is to monitor the dynamic ebb and flow of our games and identify opportunities to grow our games.

Our data experts make our data-driven approach become reality. Our Data Analysts are responsible for collecting, managing and analyzing data to turn it into insights and action – in the game, as well as our company operations – to help make better and more informed decisions. They also work with machine learning models for various use in the game portfolio, both in live ops and new games development, together with continuously running experiments to iterate game features and improve performance.

In Production, our producers are responsible for leading a multidisciplinary game development team, focusing either on new features or live operations, and the roadmap of the team. They establish clear priorities according to focus areas and business objectives, ensure quality and impact of team’s work and remove blockers. Producers collaborate closely with Product Managers to ensure all teams are working towards our product vision.

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