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Are you a creative Narrative Designer up for raising the ways of storytelling in our hit game, Merge Mansion, to a new level?

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We are a Helsinki-based game company best known for our hit game Merge Mansion and our people-first company culture. Built on trust, our culture allows us to work autonomously, efficiently, and ambitiously. We have mutually agreed on five cultural norms to describe how we build trust and work as Metacore – you can find them here.

Our company’s mission is to entertain hundreds of millions of people for decades. Although we already entertain 35,000,000+ players worldwide and have grown into a team of 100+ game industry professionals in less than two years, we’re only getting started. That’s where we hope you come in: to lift our in-game storytelling means to a new level and champion narrative design at every turn. You will work closely with artists, designers, programmers and story writers to ensure each design has a story that not only complements the world of Merge Mansion but also enhances the gameplay.

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Narrative Designer plays a key role in defining and creating the necessary tools for effective storytelling inside Merge Mansion to help us raise our ways of storytelling to a new level. In practice, this means (at least) the following:

  • Designing the narrative elements of the game based on how players interact with its story, using the strong grasp you have on the design elements and how the story behaves

  • Understanding all the available ways of storytelling: how many cutscenes — made with unity game engine — are planned, lines of dialogue can be displayed in a speech bubble, environments and characters are expected to be in the game, and so forth

  • Helping to define how we tell Merge Mansion’s in-game story – for example, what kind of cutscenes and dialogue lines do we make, animations and means of storytelling are necessary, and where to use them

  • Supporting the story writers to get better insights into the game's available story space and how to enhance the existing gameplay experience

  • Understanding of the mechanics of storytelling (structure, characterisation, and theme in particular) and providing a shared storytelling language for the narrative team

  • Working closely with fellow development team members to create compelling plotlines, characters, dialogue and more, all while ensuring everything follows the overall vision of the game

  • Helping the design team to create products that are highly innovative, engaging, and will stand out from the competition

  • Leveling up the team’s knowledge of narrative design inside mobile games, character creation, world building, tone, and dialog, and other storytelling tools


Every role is eventually shaped to match our unique passions, backgrounds and strengths. Here are some of the key skills and experience you should already have when joining Metacore as a Narrative Designer, Merge Mansion:

  • At least 3+ years of previous experience working with games as a Creative Director, Story Designer, Narrative Designer or a similar role

  • Experience in parsing and planning out sophisticated dialogues, and familiarity with the tools to make it happen

  • A strong sense of story and character, and how those elements are expressed in casual mobile game design

  • In-depth industry knowledge of standard methodologies and new technologies relevant to narrative design in mobile

  • Experience with creative writing. Captivating readers with exhilarating storylines is second nature to you

  • Hands-on experience working with Unity (or other game-engine)

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Ability to work well and multi-task under pressure

  • A good team player who’s able to collaborate with people across different functions

In addition to these, it would be nice but not mandatory for you to have these as well:

  • Knowledge especially of unity animation tools

  • Knowledge of 3d character rigging, skinning and animation

  • Experience in Scripting/Coding (C#)

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