Are you a visionary Game Artist with hands-on skills and experience in creating stunning game art?

And ready for building a world-class mobile game from scratch?

If yes, you could be our Lead Artist

As a Lead Artist at Metacore, together with your game team, you can freely define the best way for creating art for the game you’re building – as long as it respects our company culture and finds a market fit. That calls for a highly proactive approach to handle tasks from defining visual directions to hands-on creating game characters, assets, and environments aligned with them.

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  • You’ll join an exciting new game project and become responsible for the game’s visual style, design, and overall look – from vision to art direction and hands-on execution

  • You’ll handle the game’s art development, making sure our characters, assets, and environments are visually both stunning and coherent

  • You’ll brief and oversee our creative partners, and facilitate communication between them and the game team

  • You’ll create and test new art ideas, and turn the best ones into scalable concepts


  • You’ve got 5+ years of experience in game development and game art, and have a solid portfolio of visual concepts and ideas

  • You consider yourself a power user with Adobe Creative Cloud and Unity, thanks to your earlier projects and experiences

  • You work fluently with 2D software (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar) and 3D software (e.g. Blender, Maya, and/or 3DS Max)

  • You’re comfortable with a wide range of creative work, from concept sketching to 2D/3D modeling and final renderings & animations

  • You have experience in managing external partners and their art production pipelines

  • You know how to give and receive constructive feedback, both to a close colleague and an external partner’s artist

  • You share our ambition to build world-class mobile games and understand what kind of trends and styles we should follow to get there

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Our journey has just begun, so you will have a great opportunity – and a great responsibility – in shaping how we go about game art. We’re in this for the long haul, and if you’re ready to play a major role, we hope you join us early on.

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About Metacore

Metacore is formed by small game teams, each deciding which games to build, when to ship them, and when to pivot or kill them. As a company, we’re relatively small too. We’re going at 50 employees, and still growing fast.

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Working at Metacore

Metacore is the game company where players are the closest thing to a boss. That gives a lot of independence and responsibility to our game teams and individuals. Together, we work as Metacore – not for or at Metacore.

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