An experienced Game Artist with a sweet spot on mobile games?

Mad skills with 3D software like Blender, Maya or 3DS Max?

Who are we looking for?

Metacore is a passion-first game company, looking for a versatile Senior Game Artist. Our journey has just begun, so you will have a great opportunity – and a great responsibility – in shaping how we go about creating visuals for our games.

If you can’t choose whether you are a seasoned specialist in 2D/3D art or a generalist in game-driven storytelling, don’t choose – because you can be both. As a game artist at Metacore, you’ll be mastering both 2D and 3D when creating production-grade game art – from concept to completion. Ultimately, that’s what brings our games to life and provides engaging touchpoints for our players.

Naturally, we hope that you already have the technical skills, experience and ambition to master game art better than anyone. But even more than that, we hope you share our passion for serving the desires of our players. In the end, that’s what Metacore is all about.

How do we work?

At Metacore, independence and responsibility go hand in hand. Our small, autonomous teams have full decision-making power over their games and full ownership of their – mostly excellent – results. But topping charts ain’t always smooth.

That’s why we dare to stumble. Failures keep us humble, teach important lessons and get us closer to success. We crave for constructive feedback. It’s the highest form of caring for each other, and for the games we build.

We also like hearing the feedback from our players. We’re great at assuming what could work but only players can prove our hypotheses to hold true. Falling in love with our own ideas is fine as long as players love them too.

Here's what your new role at Metacore looks like:


  • You’ll be working on the visual style, design, and overall look of our games, creating visually stunning characters, assets, and environments
  • Your currency is ideas and you manifest them in a conceptually clear format
  • You’ll contribute with fresh artwork ideas to use in communities and forums
  • You’ll get a good grasp on our current and future projects (including animation, community, and marketing), and help to ensure that the mark we leave is always top notch.
  • You feel comfortable working with programmers, community, and everyone else on a tightly knit game team
  • 2D, 3D and/or UI art for mobile games is your trademark


  • You’re comfortable with working by yourself, creating concept sketches, and sometimes even final renderings and animations
  • Your work is production grade, outputting beautifully rendered 3D art
  • You’ve got a proven background using 3D software the likes of Blender, Maya and/or 3DS Max and can tweak your work with Adobe Photoshop
  • You appreciate great UI design and make sure it’s implemented in our games
  • You’ve got previous projects under your belt in game development and as a game artist
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Join us?

When we harness our passion to serve the desires of players, chart-topping games will come out. Note the plural: we are not settling for a one-hit-wonder. We’re in this for the long haul – and hope to have you along from early on.


2D Game Artist

A talented Game Artist with a mobile-first skill set? Strong portfolio of casual 2D game art?

That's me

Art Director

An accomplished Art Director with a strong creative vision? Hands-on skills and leadership to create impressive game visuals?

That's me

Game Designer

A seasoned Game Designer with ambitious visions and actionable roadmaps to make them real? Know-how in balancing game economies and shipping games?

That's me

Game Programmer

A self-driven programmer with a wide range of experience in game development? Equipped with some serious skills in #C and Unity?

That's me

Live Producer

An experienced Live Producer with inborn coordination skills? Background in games, eager to oversee their development?

That's me

Marketing Artist

A creative Marketing Artist who turns heads with phenomenal content? Magic touch with Adobe CC and experience with Unity?

That's me

Senior Game Artist

A versatile Game Artist with a sweet spot on mobile games? Mad skills with 3D software like Blender, Maya or 3DS Max?

That's me

Strategy and FP&A Lead

An analytical strategy and finance professional specialised in highly scalable products? Interested in games, especially the business side of them?

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Open Application

A best-in-class game industry professional looking for new challenges? Visiting this page frequently hoping that one day there was a suitable opening for you?

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Backend Developer

A self-driven Backend Developer who prefers game backends efficient, secure and scalable? Familiar with C# as well as .Net Core and MySQL RDS databases?

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