Are you an experienced Data Scientist, always aiming for actionable business insights?

Do you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and tackling challenges hands-on?

If yes, you could be our Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist at Metacore, you will assist our game teams through the full game development cycle: from event tracking implementation and early prototype analyses to launch assessments and live game optimization. At each stage, we expect you to show precision and rigour, both in the analysis itself and in communicating its results to the game teams.

We hope you can adapt to a fast-paced environment as well as pragmatically list, prioritize and complete your own tasks. This level of independence calls for a highly proactive attitude at work.

Data scientist


  • You’ll provide our game teams with actionable data insights that are clear, accurate, and thoroughly documented
  • You’ll communicate actively with all relevant stakeholders to make sure they understand the insights, recommendations, and strategic advice you have provided for them
  • You’ll guide the analytics methodologies for A/B testing, measurements, and KPI establishment
  • Your daily routine is to closely monitor the chosen KPIs and quickly respond to your team’s questions, ideas, and concerns about them
  • You manage multiple projects at a time, and that makes you feel rather excited than overwhelmed
  • You show thought leadership within the data domain at Metacore


  • You have several years of experience as a data scientist for a live game and/or in another highly analytical role within the game industry
  • You’re able to understand a business problem, turn it into an analytics/statistics problem, and solve it by using suitable methods
  • You are proficient with SQL as well as R and/or Python and have proven experience in working with large and complex datasets
  • You have experience with AWS analytics pipelines, data visualization, and preferably also with data modeling, machine learning, and predictive analytics
  • You have a solid knowledge of statistical analysis, especially of industry-standard methods like A/B testing and forecasting
  • You’re an autonomous team player with a strong analytical mind, pragmatic problem-solving skills, and uncompromised attention to detail
  • You have great communication skills and can deliver your findings to both technical and non-technical stakeholders

Join us?

Our journey has just begun, so you will have a great opportunity – and a great responsibility – in shaping how we go about data & analytics at Metacore. We’re in this for the long haul, and if you’re ready to play a major role, we hope you join us early on.

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Metacore is formed by small game teams, each deciding which games to build, when to ship them, and when to pivot or kill them. As a company, we’re relatively small too. We’re going at 50 employees, and still growing fast.

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Metacore is the game company where players are the closest thing to a boss. That gives a lot of independence and responsibility to our game teams and individuals. Together, we work as Metacore – not for or at Metacore.

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