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Creating a better future of mobile game storytelling

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Metacore's Mika Tammenkoski smiling
Mika Tammenkoski
CEO of Metacore

We are teaming up with animation studio Piñata, who has worked as our creative animation partner since Merge Mansion’s launch. Joining the two companies feels like a natural next step – and, above all, a chance to strengthen our collective creative storytelling.

There have been many reasons for celebration lately and today we continue to share more happy news! I’m excited to share that our long-term creative partner Piñata is becoming part of the Metacore team.

Traditionally, mobile games have been apps on your phone. Our mission is to create entertainment with our games but also with our marketing and community building. Piñata brings us not only animation skills and capabilities, but creative storytelling both for our games and marketing. Together our goal is to create a better future of mobile game storytelling and position Metacore as a game studio creating great entertainment.

The Piñata acquisition is the first of its kind for Metacore. Although it isn’t something we’ve been planning for years, looking back, we couldn’t imagine things going any other way. We’ve worked with Piñata since Merge Mansion’s launch in 2020 – so yes, they’ve been our partner in crafting vivid storyboards and animations for iconic ads like “He is alive” and “House on Fire”. Our teams have worked so closely together that more often than not, it has felt like they’re already a part of our team.

Piñata’s experience of working with Merge Mansion as well as some of the most popular mobile games and entertainment brands in the world makes them an extremely strong addition to our team.

So, to the new members of our Metacore team: a very, very warm welcome – we’re thrilled to have you on board!

And to the Merge Mansion fans – hold onto your hats. We can’t wait to reveal where Maddie, Grandma and our new games go next.

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