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We raised a €150M credit line from Supercell – this is what it means for us.

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Metacore's Mika Tammenkoski smiling
Mika Tammenkoski
CEO of Metacore

Back then, the game had playable content for only a couple of days, quick visuals, and a limited amount of storytelling. It wasn’t anywhere near a live game, but enough to test whether we had discovered the combo of meta and core we’d been looking for.

Multiple alpha and beta releases later, Merge Mansion was launched globally in September. As of today, the game has 800,000+ daily active players. The just-announced €150M credit line was raised to further accelerate Merge Mansion’s growth. It’s a lot of money and will turn some curious eyes on us, so I wanted to highlight three points about what the funding means for us:

1. We lift Merge Mansion to the top of the charts

The competition on App Store and Play Store charts is fierce and capital-intensive. Making it to the top requires both massive marketing spend and exceptional creativity. Thanks to the funding, we’re not held back by our budget: topping charts is up to us now.

2. We aim for 10+ years of Merge Mansion brilliance

Once we have reached the top, we aim to stay there. The best mobile games have a lifetime of 10+ years and Merge Mansion has the potential to become one. This will require a lot from our in-game content, both in terms of its creative quality and shipping pace. As our first hit game, Merge Mansion will be the cornerstone of our company – a stable basis to build our future success stories on.

3. We hire talents who are excited about our goals

Neither of the first two points is possible without ambitious talent. We have a tight-knit team of over 30 game industry professionals and are looking to hire a few more. You can see our open positions ( for more details but I’ll highlight a few points here for those who might consider applying:

  • We don’t have all the answers to scale Merge Mansion, so we hope you can bring some of them with you, and apply them proactively and passionately.
  • We are extremely ambitious, care a lot about our craft, and really need every new joiner to approach mobile games with a similar fire.
  • We are only getting started, meaning there’s still room for key players. In other words, we hope you’ll join us now rather than later.


While these are our plans, we don’t have it all mapped out. As a small game studio, how could we? Admittedly, our start has been promising, but only the next months and years will tell if we can continue to match our high expectations. Looking at our current team and knowing that more ambitious talent will join us soon, I’m confident we will meet and exceed our goals.

Mika Tammenkoski of Metacore in a blue sweater