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Meet our new CTO

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Metacore's Mika Tammenkoski smiling
Mika Tammenkoski
CEO of Metacore

We are excited to announce Metacore’s new CTO Sérgio Laranjeira, starting January 2, 2024. Working from Berlin, Sérgio brings with him a vast amount of knowledge and experience from developing the technologies behind some of the world’s leading consumer brands, including Delivery Hero, Zalando and Farfetch.

If you’ve been following Metacore’s growth journey, you’ll know that we’ve done our fair share of recruiting and onboarding – growing from a team of 15 to 200 over the past three years. We're sometimes still pinching ourselves when we see the talent that wants to work as part of our team, both from the games industry and beyond. But welcoming a new talent into our company never loses its significance.

We’d been searching for a CTO for quite some time: someone with exceptional technical skills, demonstrated leadership experience, a strong vision and ability to follow through on it, as well as passion for building exceptional consumer experiences through tech.

The long search and even longer list of criteria explains why we’re so excited to finally welcome Sérgio Laranjeira to the Metacore team. With strong experience in building and leading engineering teams for companies with millions of daily customers like Delivery Hero, Zalando and Farfetch, Sérgio possesses the skills, passion and vision needed to unlock the next level in Metacore’s growth story.

As CTO, Sérgio will focus on building our tech stack. So, not just strengthening Merge Mansion’s live operations, but above all, developing our technological capabilities to support multiple live games in the future. In doing so, Sérgio will play a key part in helping us reach our goal of operating a strong portfolio of hit games and entertaining hundreds of millions for decades.

So Sérgio, I believe I speak for the whole Metacore team when I say: the warmest of welcomes – we can’t wait to start working together in the new year!

– Mika

PS. If you want to be colleagues with Sérgio – either in Berlin or Helsinki – have a look at our multiple open positions, including the Berlin-based Producer, Data Analyst and Game Designer roles.