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Introducing Merge Mansion’s General Manager

David Telenius sitting in a chair at Metacore
Metacore's Mika Tammenkoski smiling
Mika Tammenkoski
CEO of Metacore

Merge Mansion has been on quite the growth journey, and last year was no exception: surpassing 50 million downloads, opening doors to the mansion, and launching major campaigns across the US and Japan were just a few milestones. But last year, we also realized that leveling up on that growth and maintaining our position as one of the top games in the category would require even more creativity, persistence, and ambition from us this year. That’s why late last fall, we set out to look for a General Manager for Merge Mansion – someone with extensive experience in growing and managing a hit game’s business operations.

We expected finding someone who ticks every box to take a while, but sometimes the stars align sooner than expected. So without further ado, we’re thrilled to announce David Telenius as the General Manager for Merge Mansion and part of our Leadership Team.

David has previously worked at King in various leadership, production, and business development roles for their hit titles Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda Saga. He’s been a part of our team for a couple of weeks now, and it’s safe to say that we’ve already been putting David’s strong background in managing some of the world’s most popular live games to good use.

In his new role, David continues to work closely with Merge Mansion’s Game Lead Sami Lahtinen and the rest of the team, focusing more on product development and exploring new avenues for global growth. And who knows – as a self-proclaimed Merge Mansion and Grandma Ursula fan, maybe he’ll get us all one step closer to uncovering Grandma’s secrets? David is based in Stockholm but will be a regular and awaited visitor to both our Helsinki and Berlin offices.

So David, on behalf of all our Metacoreans, a very warm welcome to the team! We can’t wait to see where the Merge Mansion universe goes next with you on board.


PS. Want to work with David and the rest of us? Check out our multiple open positions in Helsinki or Berlin. If you’re new to the industry, have a look at Press Play, our program for emerging talent, and apply by April 28th.