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For games industry talents looking to relocate to Finland

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Anu Majuri & Camilla Linko

Welcome! We are really glad that you’re thinking of joining Metacore, settling in Helsinki, and leading a happy and balanced life in Finland.

By now you might already know that Finland is the world’s happiest country, known for its quiet and sincere people, magical winters and exceptional mobile games. And that Helsinki is a capital where games industry talent leads a well-balanced life, enjoying both work and leisure. Using this combination, we’re hoping to spark your curiosity about moving here, with Metacore.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what Finland has to offer and how Metacore can help you to make the leap.

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What Finland has to offer

"Finland is one of the world’s most democratic countries and we cherish freedom of opinion, assembly, speech and religion."

Finland is part of the Nordics and ranked number one for being the happiest country in the world, topping the UN's World Happiness Report five years in a row! This nation, inhabited by 5.5 million people, is known for its world-class education, thousands of lakes, Lapland sceneries, cinnamon buns, Northern lights, nightless nights, saunas and Nokia 3310s. And mobile games, of course.

Did you know that Finland is home to some of the world’s leading game studios such as Supercell, Rovio and Remedy Entertainment? This flourishing gaming hub employs 3,600+ professionals of whom 28% are from abroad.

Regarding relocation, Finland might not be as busy as the United States or as warm as Southern Europe, but can surely provide a very well-balanced, close-to-nature and easy-going lifestyle.

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Why Helsinki makes the best home

"Helsinki is fluent in English (and mobile games) — and over 140 mother tongues are spoken here."

Helsinki is one of the northernmost capital cities in the world, with a flat skyline and a low population density. The city is close to tech and nature but has a vibrant selection of hobby opportunities and nightlife activities too.

Apart from English, Helsinki is also fluent in mobile games. The city hosts 47+ mobile game companies and 56% of all the game studios in Finland.

Well-functioning services, free healthcare, seamless public transport and high security are all praised as Helsinki’s most favoured features. It’s not a city for a busy bee but is definitely one for those who appreciate a balanced life and high wellbeing.

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What makes Metacore a great place to work

We are a game company from Helsinki, now also expanding to Berlin, known for our hit game Merge Mansion, and most importantly, our people-first company culture. Our culture is based on uncompromised trust, which allows us to work autonomously, efficiently and ambitiously.

Although we already entertain 50M+ players worldwide, and have grown into a team of 170+ game industry professionals in less than three years, we’re only getting started. That’s where we hope you’d come in: to join our mission of creating mobile games that entertain hundreds of millions of people for decades.

Still on the fence about the move?

We know that the decision to relocate to a whole new country is not an easy one — let alone the actual relocating part of things. So if you decide to join us here in Finland, we will support you every step of the way.

Jon Jelinski – Backend Programmer at Metacore made the leap from Munich to Helsinki. Here’s Jon’s story on relocating to Finland's game industry hub.

If you are interested to know more about relocating to and life in Helsinki, we’re happy to share Metacore’s Full Relocation Guide with you. If you have any more questions, we’ll gladly help you find the answers too.

See you soon then!

Anu Majuri ( and Camilla Linko (

This article was last updated on 24.10.2023.