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Metacore Media Library Supplemental Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

These supplemental terms of service (“Supplementals”) supplement the Metacore Games Ltd (“Metacore”) standard TOS and Privacy Notice located at and respectively. If there is any discrepancy between these Supplementals and the TOS and/or Privacy Notice, these Supplementals will prevail.

These Supplementals apply solely to Metacore´s video management and upload tool currently known as “Metacore Media Library” or “MML”. These Supplementals do not apply to any other Metacore product or service.

The MML may be used only by authorized Metacore employees and other specifically authorized users. All other uses are strictly prohibited. No copies of the MML may be produced, distributed, or made available to the public without Metacore´s express and written prior permission. The MML is Metacore´s confidential information.

The MLL uses YouTube API Services. The YouTube API Services are subject to YouTube´s Terms of Service located at, and by using the MML you are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service. Because the MML uses YouTube API Services, the MLL is also subject to Google´s privacy policy located at Please also review the Google security settings page at

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