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Metacore Benefits


Without our people, there would not be Metacore – therefore, our people are our most important investment.

We provide our employees with a broad range of benefits to promote overall wellbeing and to contribute towards a healthy work-life balance. Check out what all we have in store for Metacoreans!

Metacorean walking down the stairs

Health is Wealth

We value the health and wellbeing of our employees above everything else. To enable that, we provide a broad healthcare package to all Metacoreans.

Wellbeing is never limited only to physical health. We have to care for our minds, too. All Metacoreans have access to various types of psychological support, both in-house and with external partners.

Occupational health care

Our occupational health care services are with Mehiläinen.

Our occupational health care services are very broad, and anything that impacts your work ability is worth a chat with a nurse or a doctor.

A list of services provided by Mehiläinen (not exhaustive):

  • Appointments with an occupational health physician, occupational health nurse, occupational physiotherapist and occupational psychologist
  • Specialist consultations upon referral by the occupational health physician
  • Physiotherapy, max. 10 times a year
  • Short psychotherapy, max 20 times
  • Minor procedures done by a general practitioner or occupational health physician
  • Radiology procedures, Ultrasound scan, Magnetic imaging, Endoscopy examinations
  • Basic vaccinations (Tetanus-d and MMR) and influenza vaccination, vaccinations required by work and business travel, TBE vaccine
  • Yearly check-ups with a gynaecologist or urologist

Coaching services and psychological support

Our Wellbeing and Performance Lead is available for psychological support, personal development and individual coaching on topics such as team functioning, leadership, work stress and wellbeing. All discussions are always confidential and aim at increasing your wellbeing and self-knowledge.

We also offer coaching through an outside coaching service called Mindy. Mindy coaches are all psychologists with short therapy training. You can get coaching through Mindy if you have some personal thinking, working or emotional skills that you would like to develop.

Metacoreans sitting by a large conference table

Work Smoothly

You bring the skills and knowledge, we bring the necessary equipment and support! From devices to software to food, we’ve got you covered!


We provide our employees with all equipment needed for the role. Employees have the option to choose the operating system of choice and be equipped with the latest hardware (computer, phone, peripherals).

Phone plan & home internet

Metacoreans’ phones are equipped with 5G transfer speeds with unlimited data use, phone minutes and SMS messages. In addition, all of our permanent employees are provided with a high-speed home internet connection and the terminal equipment needed.


Metacoreans are provided with an Edenred voucher card. You have the option to select the monthly value added to the card (up to 214€) which can be used to pay for meals in restaurants or home delivery apps. Of the total value, Metacore will cover 25%.

Competence development

We want to encourage everyone to develop their skills and competences in any way they see fit. We don’t have any specific learning platform in use, which means that everyone can choose which relevant courses or training to attend and expense it back to the company.

Metacorean enjoying the outdoors

Treat Yourself

Tickets to the opera or a massage during a lunch hour? We support that! We provide several individual benefits to show our appreciation for Metacoreans also outside the office.

Culture & Sports benefits

Using the same Edenred card as with the lunch benefit, employees can use up to 400€ per year on culture (music festival tickets, theater or movie tickets, events, etc.) or sports (gym memberships, booking fees, etc.) The costs are covered by Metacore completely.

Discount to ELIXIA gym

Metacore has a corporate discount code for ELIXIA gym. With ELIXIA, you can choose the services according to your needs and pay only for what you're using. To get 15% off the monthly rate, you will need to commit to a 12-month membership.

Massage benefit

Employees are provided a massage benefit up to 400€ per year available through the Edenred app. This too is completely on top of employees' regular salary.

Birthday Holiday

As a birthday present, you will get a day off for your birthday!

Metacoreans out in the wild kayaking

Safe & Secure

All of our employees are insured by the mandatory Workers Compensation Insurance (carried by Metacore) which gives a comprehensive insurance cover at work and quick access to care.

In addition, we provide all employees with a comprehensive Leisure-time Accident Insurance, which covers you also during your free time.

And who doesn’t want to travel stress-free? We also provide a Corporate Travel Cover which insures our employees and their luggage during travel, whether the travel is for work or for leisure.

An overview of Helsinki

Getting Around

Helsinki is a wonderful city with a variety of transportation possibilities – we want to ensure you get around smoothly.

Public transport benefit

We encourage our employees to use public transport when possible. Through the Edenred card, Metacore covers all public transport fees between your home and the office.

City Bikes

We offer 2 Alepa city bike codes for Metacore employees for the cycling season (April–October)!

Bike benefit

Permanent employees can get a bicycle through the service after their trial period. You can choose your bike from any store as long as its price doesn’t exceed 4000€. This benefit is tax-free, and 50% of the taxable value is deducted from the employee's gross salary monthly, with Metacore adding 50% of the tax value to the salary. On average, employees can save 35-60% of the bike's purchase price.


We also have an option for Metacoreans to substitute Edenred´s public transport card for a free parking spot from our office building or next door garage.

Metacoreans playing padel

Outstanding Office

We know that we are biased – but our office rocks! We take pride in having a space where all Metacoreans feel comfortable and productive. And obviously, the additional perks don’t hurt either!

Our Penthouse

We have a sauna and jacuzzi area called Penthouse on the 8th floor of the building. You can book it for your personal events to spend time with your family & friends.

Clubs & one-time events

We support both clubs (we already have clubs for books, padel, writing… you name it!) as well as one-time events and activities.

Metacore Gym

We have a small gym with basic equipment for employees in the building next door.

Breakfast in the office on Mondays

Breakfast is served in the main lounge every Monday (and the best snacks all week)!

Metacoreans having a discussion in a meeting room

A Helping Hand

We can all use a little help in our everyday lives, whatever it may mean to each individual. We do our best to assist our employees with small but important tasks.

Serfino concierge services

Metacore employees are eligible to use the Serfino services up to 500€ per month to help with everyday living, such as cleaning, childcare, concierge services, housekeeping, etc. The employee will create a personal contract with the company, but Metacore will take care of all the expenses (up to 500€ per month).

Finnish Lessons

We offer 10 Finnish lessons through our partner Serfino. You can use your monthly allowance for more lessons after you've used the 10 lessons offered to you.

Caring for a sick child

In situations where your under 10-year-old child gets sick, you have the option to either stay at home yourself or hire a professional caregiver free-of-charge to come to your home and take care of your child.

Metacoreans discussing things in a large meeting room

Are we missing something?

We are always open to new suggestions and periodically trial new benefits.

If you have an idea for additional benefits please don't hesitate to contact the people team!