Are you a versatile IT professional with an all-can-do attitude towards technical challenges?

And with a special interest towards handling and scaling a growth company’s internal IT processes?

If yes, you could be our IT Service Lead

As an IT Service Lead at Metacore, you can freely define the best way for planning, implementing, and outsourcing our internal IT services and processes. That calls for a highly proactive approach to handle tasks from basic workstation support and everyday troubleshooting to long-term IT planning and procurement.

People and ops


  • You’ll develop and maintain our internal IT services & processes as well as scale them to match the size of our quickly growing company

  • You’ll plan and choose which IT services and processes we better handle ourselves and which we should outsource to external partners

  • You’ll then implement the ones we handle internally, and oversee the ones we carry out through partnerships

  • You’ll be our go-to person regarding IT procurement

  • You’ll support and assist our team and its various stakeholders in whatever comes to IT


  • You have 5+ years of experience in diverse IT roles, including responsibilities related to internal IT services, processes and solutions

  • You have experience in IT procurement, outsourcing, and vendor management as well as SaaS services (e.g. Google Workspace, Zoom)

  • You understand modern IT and think cloud-first – even though might not have experience in cloud computing per se (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure)

  • You’re capable of building and scaling a full office IT structure as well as technically handling all the IT support it requires

  • You have a good grip of things like documentation, troubleshooting, and independent project management

  • You’re willing to work on all levels of IT: from basic workstation support to overseeing the big picture of procurement, outsourcing, planning & design

  • You are a proactive team player with a service-oriented mindset, good communication abilities, and strong interpersonal skills

Join us?

Our journey has just begun, so you will have a great opportunity – and a great responsibility – in shaping how we go about IT service management. We’re in this for the long haul, and if you’re ready to play a major role, we hope you join us early on.


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About Metacore

Metacore is formed by small game teams, each deciding which games to build, when to ship them, and when to pivot or kill them. As a company, we’re relatively small too. Our headcount is currently 30+, and probably 40+ by the end of this year.

Metacore as a company

Working at Metacore

Metacore is the game company where players are the closest thing to a boss. That gives a lot of independence and responsibility to our game teams and individuals. Together, we work as Metacore – not for or at Metacore. These six points should give you a good hunch of what that means in practise.

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